Challenge schedule

04/07/2020 - Start of the Challenge (development phase)

Release of training (with ground truth) and validation data (without ground truth).

06/19/2020 - Release of (encrypted) test data

Release of encrypted test data (without ground truth), and release of the validation ground truth.

06/22/2020 - End of development phase / Start of test phase

Release of test data decryption key. Participants start predicting the results on the test data.

07/01/2020 - End of the Challenge

Deadline for submitting the final predictions over the test (evaluation) data.

07/04/2020 - Code submission

Deadline for code submission with detailed instructions to reproduce the results obtained on the test set. This includes a list of requirements, pre-trained models, and so on. Note, training code with instructions is also required. Organizers strongly encourage the use of docker to facilitate reproducibility. Check detailed instructions in Winning solutions (post-challenge) section.

07/04/2020 - Submission of fact sheets

Deadline for submitting the fact sheets using a template provided by the organizers. The fact sheets need to provide detailed and technical information about the developed approach. Check detailed instructions in Winning solutions (post-challenge) section.

07/12/2020 - Release of final results (after code verification)


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