Dataset description

The Cultural Event Recognition dataset consists of images collected from two images search engines (Google Images and Bing Images). For this particular track, we chose 50 important cultural events in the world. In all the image categories, garments, human poses, objects and context do constitute the possible cues to be exploited for recognizing the events, while preserving the inherent inter- and intra-class variability of this type of images. 


Jordi Gonzàlez, Júnior J. Fabian and Josep M. Gonfaus gratefully acknowledge the support of NVIDIA Corporation with the donation of the Tesla K40 GPU used for creating the baseline of this Track.

Both competition server and the resources for participating in this Track can be found here:

For the password you can try "nkp9PX63". For this track, the 50 cultural events that have been selected are:


Event Country
1. Annual Buffalo Roundup USA
2. Ati-atihan Philippines
3. Ballon Fiesta USA
4. Basel Fasnacht Switzerland
5. Battle of the Oranges Italy
6. Boston Marathon USA
7. Bud Billiken USA
8. Buenos Aires Tango Festival Argentina
9. Carnaval Dunkerque France
10. Carnival of Venice Italy
11. Carnival Rio Brazil
12. Castellers Catalonia
13. Chinese New Year China
14. Correfocs Catalonia
15. Desert Festival of Jaisalmer India
16. Desfile de Silleteros Colombia
17. Diada de Sant Jordi Catalonia
18. Dia de los Muertos Mexico
19. Diwali Festival of Lights India
20. Falles Spain
21. Festa del Renaixement Catalonia
22. Festival de la Marinera Peru
23. Festival of the Sun Peru
24. Fiesta de la Candelaria Peru
25. Gion matsuri Japan
26. Harbin Ice and Snow Festival China
27. Heiva Tahiti
28. Helsinki Samba Carnaval Finland
29. Holi Festival India
30. Infiorata di Genzano Italy
31. La Tomatina Spain
32. Lewes Bonfire UK
33. Macys Thanksgiving USA
34. Maslenitsa Russia
35. Midsommar Sweden
36. Notting hill carnival UK
37. Obon Japan
38. Oktoberfest Germany
39. Onbashira Japan
40. Pingxi Lantern Festival Taiwan
41. Pushkar Camel India
42. Quebec Winter Carnival Canada
43. Queens Day Netherlands
44. Rath Yatra India
45. Sandfest USA
46. San Fermin Spain
47. Songkran Water Thailand
48. St Patrick Day Ireland
49. Timkat Ethiopia
50. Viking Festival Norway




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