Challenge schedule

01/10/2017 Beginning

Beginning of the quantitative competition, release of development and validation data.

Participants can enter the competition through CodaLab here.

02/10/2017 Test data release and Deadline for code submission

Code and fact sheets submission deadline / release decryption key for test data. Template factsheet is available here.

02/15/2017 End of quantitative competition

End of quantitative competition. Start of qualitative coopetition (development stage). Code is shared among participants.

04/09/2017 Qualitative final test coopetition stage

Start of qualitative test stage. Qualitative coopetition code and fact sheets submission deadline. A template fact sheet can be found here.

04/10/2017 End of qualitative coopetition

End of qualitative coopetition.

04/24/2017 Public list of winners available

Both quantitative and qualitative rankings after code verification will be published.

05/01/2017 Paper submission

Both participants in the competition and workshop papers.

05/10/2017 Paper notification

05/18/2017 Camera ready


January 10: CVPR 2017 competition started

Compatition on explainable impressions started and participants can enter the competiotion througth CodaLab here.