Challenge schedule

05/11/2020 Beginning of the quantitative competition

release of training (with groundtruth) and validation data (without ground truth).

11/01/2020 Release of encrypted test data

release of encrypted test data (without groundtruth) and encrypted validation set ground truth

11/06/2020 End of development phase

Organizers release encryption keys for validation and test data. Participants can start training their models on the whole dataset and submit their predictions on the test data.

11/20/2020 End of the test phase

The deadline to submit final predictions on the test data. Participants start writing factsheets and releasing their code.

Organizers start qualitative evaluation on Track 3.

11/27/2020 Deadline to submit factsheets and codes

Organizers start evaluating factsheets and verify codes. Participants must have submitted all the requested material for verification (including code, trained models, configuration files, instructions to verify the code, and so on)

12/04/2020 Release of the winners' list

Release of the verification results to the participants. Participants are invited to follow the paper submission guide for submitting contest papers based on procedure and timeline defined by NeurIPS competition chairs.


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