Track results

Rank User Avg. Rank Face Body Hands
None germs 1.0 0.3481 0.8897 0.5392
None juliojj 1.333333 0.3458 0.8897 0.5392
None rays2pix 2.0 0.3458 0.8824 0.5177
None 3.0 0.2049 0.8507 0.316


DYAD@ICCV2021 Dataset access rules updated

It is now possible to request dataset access using a digital certificate! Please check the updated instructions here.

DYAD@ICCV2021 Validation set released

The masked-out validation set is available now for download.

DYAD@ICCV2021 Dataset access rules

The dataset access rules have been updated! Please check them out here.

ICCV 2021 Challenge

The ChaLearn Looking at People Understanding Social Behavior in Dyadic and Small Group Interactions Challenge webpage has been released.